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 Medical professionals are challenged to regularly keep up with new literature in both their areas of specialty and about other elements of medicine that are most likely to affect their practices. Interestingly, even if the clinical studies are relatively insignificant, publishers of specialty grouped data tend to hoard published research, charging for access to it. That means a full spectrum searchable data, produced all around the globe, in different languages very costly to curate, critically assess and prepare for efficient intake by the professional audiences, much less for lay audiences.

As such, gaining access to and familiarity with voluminous western medical literature is challenging. Atop that, most patients assume that medical professionals are fluent about issues of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, nutrition, and supplements, as well as fitness and prevention related strategies. Most of these latter subjects lie outside of physicians’ training and expertise. Add to that the reality that most American physicians are obliged to practice within the scope of med-legal frameworks, “evidence-based” or purported “expert” guidelines, biased by the systems in which they work and generally required to deliver services with speed of precisely timed manufacturing processes. Because of this, in spite of their laudable intelligence, you should expect that neither your physician nor you are optimally ready for your pending primary care visit.

Let us complement what you are doing to improve your Health Literacy, as well as enhance your general health and medical knowledge so that you are better prepared for your medical visits and work with the medical system.

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