Live Long – Contaminated, Stinky, and Dirty You

The author of the saying “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” didn’t know current health data, nor scripture. Cleanliness is very subjective, both relative to the environment in which you live, work, interact with others, and relative to expectations (of diverse nature). So, live long, contaminated, stinky, and dirty.

Aquatic animals and some others live or predominantly reside in water, but the water is often polluted, and surely they excrete waste into it. People likewise live in air and on land that is variably polluted and dirty depending on where you live.

Clothing is usually chemically contaminated, even when new. Homes are infested with more microscopic organisms than you wish to acknowledge. Food is not clean and we often touch each other with hands that have handled materials, tools, doorknobs, book, keyboards and other elements that simply transfer biological contaminants among us.

Of course, if you work in a very dirty, contaminated industry, your needs are obvious. But, many without such qualifications do not feel clean without bathing or showering abundantly, essentially exfoliating themselves, and removing excessive protective oils. Additionally, using voluminous amounts of soaps, shampoos, antiperspirants or deodorants, lotions, body oils, colognes and perfumes of preference afterward, they contribute to the indoor air pollution to which some are sensitive.

Depending on the industry in which you work there are expectations of presenting in a particular manner or engaging in post-work decontamination. For some, there are even requirements to maintain a level of cleanliness approximating sterility. But, medically speaking, most of you will still live long without bathing – stinky, dirty you (LOL).