Dietary Supplements

    Dietary supplements are almost a necessity now.  GMO foods research, as well as abused soils of professionally managed, mega-farms, generate produce with a very different biological content and activity compared that harvested many years ago. The better choice, when available and affordable, is the selection of locally grown, organic products, the varieties and care of which are familiar to you.  Changes in your whole food choices are preferable to supplementation. However, such requires reading about foods, chemistry, physiology, and health. Moreover, there are supplements, for general health, medicinal, and performance products, that are dangerous. So long as their marketing, and packaging language is legal, it is legal for the implied product benefits to far exceed performance. Some complementary chemical composition may also put consumers at significant health risks. The FDA does not adequately survey imported products nearly as well as they study U.S.-produced supplements – their efficacy dubious in all circumstances. Additionally, the supplements industry generates over $30 billion in revenue annually, and federal agencies are generally beholden to substantive tax-generating industries.

    Supplements are often more dangerous than seeking more of a dietary constituent via primary foods. But, so long as their marketing and packaging language is legal, the implied product benefits may even far exceed capabilities. Additionally, their chemical composition may put consumers at significant health risks. The FDA does not check many imported products, nor are supplements produced in the U.S. studied very well. Your safety lies in knowing about the supplements of interest, the manufacturers, and sources from which you purchase the products. Additionally, when you easy on sugar, alcohol, and tobacco,  it is tough for the FDA to vigorously upbraid a supplements industry that generates over $30 billion annually, and associated significant tax revenue. The FDA is loath to bite the hands that feed them. But, we believe that your good health matters.

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