Fighting Inflammation with Aspirin and Omega-3’s


Researchers tout the anti-inflammatory health rewards of low-dose aspirin together with omega-3 fatty acids present in foods like flax seeds as well as herring; however the precise mechanisms associated with their effects are not fully established. At this point scientists reporting in the Cell Press journal Chemistry & Biology indicate that aspirin helps induce the production of molecules called resolvins which are normally produced by the body from omega-3 fatty acids. These resolvins switch off, or essentially resolve the inflammation that underlies destructive and painful disorders including degenerative arthritis.

It appears that one type of resolvin, termed resolvin D3 from the omega-3 fatty acid DHA, remains for a longer period of at sites of inflammation than either resolvin D1 or resolvin D2 in the process of natural resolution of inflammation in mice per senior co-authors Drs. Charles Serhan and Nicos Petasis of Harvard Medical School and the University of Southern California, respectively. This reportedly signifies that this late resolution phase resolvin D3 might exhibit unique properties in combating otherwise poorly controlled inflammation.

The investigators also confirmed that aspirin treatment induced the generation of a more prolonged acting type of resolvin D3 by way of a separate pathway. Aspirin appears to have the capacity to influence the cessation of activity of an enzyme that precipitates inflammation and to alternatively induce production of molecules from omega-3 fatty acids, such as resolvin D3, that lead to controlling inflammation and related pain.

Make a baby aspirin and omega-3 fatty acids (as food or supplement) part of your daily regimen to jointly combat inflammation.

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