Dessert for Breakfast

    Eat a healthier breakfast! A famous “television dad” had, in one episode, the responsibility for preparation of the morning breakfast. On that occasion, he served the youngest a nice big piece of cake. In his defense, he noted that cake contained enriched grain-based flour, eggs, and milk among its ingredients. Moreover, as finicky as young eaters can be, the young daughter was perfectly willing to consume this breakfast without extra encouragement.

    We really do not do that much better as a society. Consider that many of our favorite breakfast restaurants serve pancakes and waffles loaded with syrups, whipped cream, jellies, chocolate chips and many other toppings that make these meals more dessert than a healthy way to start the day. Our extra-large muffins of many varieties are simply dense, breakfast cupcakes. There is generally as much sugar found in a serving of yogurt as might be found in a serving of ice cream. A serving of sweetened cereals generally has more sugar than a handful of cookies. And, granola might have been healthy before being covered in honey, adding high fructose corn syrup and baking it with bits of chocolate chips. Moreover, if pressed into little bars, they are as sugar-loaded as comparably shaped candy bars.

    Now if you finish the meal off by stopping to visit your favorite barista for your preferred fancy coffee roast, blended with cream, sugar, caramel syrup, and topped with whipped cream, you can just hear the calorie alarm wailing . . . you just had dessert for breakfast. ISG Health will help you eat a healthier breakfast. Your health matters!