Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Regarding the preventive, self-care of your renal system, try engaging the following.

1) Drink lots of water (consider ½ ounce per pound of your present body weight).
2) Flush your system out. Hydrate tissues. Do not consume high volumes of artificial colors, which your body then needs to process out. Caffeinated beverages will cause additional urination (diuresis) so you will need to drink more fluid.
3) Consume natural citric acid (e.g., lemons, oranges), which is good for the kidneys and liver.
4) Sweat more via exercise to unload some toxins via perspiration.
5) Decrease your body’s nitrogen load processing by consuming less red meat protein.
6) Alkalinize your circulation by eating more green vegetables.
7) Supplements have been demonstrated to be beneficial to kidney health including vitamin D, potassium, co-enzyme Q10 and omega-3 fatty acids. Natural production (e.g., Vitamin D and sunlight exposure) and well-rounded diets are best, with supplementation as needed.
8) The health and medical communities are divided regarding salt in our diets. Do not fear it. Rather, as able assure that it is iodized, and choose Himalayan (pink) or sea salt for their greater complementary mineral supplement content.
9) Cook with a greater variety of spices instead of just salt and pepper.
When using black pepper, buy the peppercorns (little blacks beads) and hind grind (simple inexpensive tool), as packages of ground/crushed black pepper generally have unknown, unwanted fillers.
10) If you love desserts, make transitions to more with little no added sugar, such as made with fruits that are naturally tart anyway.
11) Obesity can precede a number of diseases that adversely affect your kidneys. So, manage your weight as well as is possible.
12) If you ever get a kidney stone, drink much more water and alter your diet based on the composition of the stone – consume less of the foods with high content of those elements.
13) Avoid drinking alcohol.
14) Avoid tobacco, of any form, as it contains more than 6,000 chemicals, many toxic to the body.
15) Medication use only as needed, since all of it must be processed out of the body.

Happy urination. Your good health matters. Work with ISG Health.