Hearing Loss – Avoid it

There are numerous causes of hearing loss. Causes may include those associated with genetics (i.e., hearing-related structure malformations and neural dysfunction), trauma (types too numerous list), ear infection, noise (acute or repetitive such as loud music) or mechanical obstruction (e.g., foreign body, tumor, excessive fluid or wax in canal) or degenerative changes occurring with aging.

Research has identified that persons with higher melanocyte density throughout their skin also have higher melanocyte density in their inner ear structures. Moreover, the inner ear melanocytes are protective regarding reactive and degenerative hearing loss. However, you cannot medicinally or surgically change that genetic trait. So, you will simply need to address risk factors that you can control, and “marry into the melanocytes” if so inclined to help your next generation. (Am J Epidemiol. 2017;186(1):1-10)

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