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Americans have been experiencing an obesity epidemic for many years. However, psycho-social philosophies that similarly support allowing the persistently under-educated to “not be left behind” so as to avoid adverse affects on their “self-esteem” deny the long term adverse health effects of obesity and poor fitness, just as others ignore the ill effects of inadequate, non-competency-based education.

Nobody would allow a gaggle of uncouth internet-troll types to sit outside their clinic delivering “body-shaming” comments to their patients. However, with all due respect to the emotionally hypersensitive, it is desirable to be aware of personal, familial and potential greater social effects of you not making the journey from being overweight and poorly physically conditioned to a more ideal weight, developing better dietary habits and becoming more fit in the process.

Loosing weight in a healthy manner and becoming physically fit is a process. You did not get there overnight. Neither will your physically svelte self be born in a week. There is no place for guilt, remorse and shame as you advance. Rather, you are encouraged to celebrate each successful day moving forward. We are not all the same age and gender, of the same present health status, do not all share the same body type, metabolism, and food preferences. Neither do we have the same motivations and resources. As such, the plans will not be “one size fits all.”

The importance of a good workout notwithstanding, your diet counts for more than fifty percent of your overall successful fitness strategy. And, while total calories represent total energy consumption, the sources of your calories are important regarding the distribution of vitamins, minerals, sugars, proteins, fats, fiber, oils, and other elements contributing to that upon which your body maintains itself.

Our foods are not the same presently as were available in the past, some for the good, others now deficient. This may precipitate the need for supplementation for some. But, overuse of supplements can be costly, ineffective and unhealthy, particularly when attempting to stack supplements instead of eating.

Neither should you presume that famous athletes’ or models’ alleged diet and fitness plans will work for you exactly as they report such to work for them. While learning the underlying health concepts and engaging complementary exercise plans, you will need to tailor plans to you – your personal taste preferences, dietary limitations (e.g., allergies), level of fitness, access to foods, supplements requirements, fitness equipment availability and so on. The opportunity to discuss these issues, including pertinent medical history, functional limitations, and goals with us will provide you with much more than any individual primary physician, physical therapist, nutritionist, or trainer will have to offer . . . with greater accessibility and efficiency.

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