Cost of Low Health Literacy

…did you know

  1. Low Health Literacy (HL) increases U.S. healthcare costs by $50 – 73 billion in real dollars annually, affecting current taxes and budget priorities. (American Medical Association, AMA)
  2. Annual medical care costs for people with low health literacy skills are four (4) times higher than those with higher literacy skills. (Weiss, 20 Common Problems in Primary Care. 1999)
  3. Those with low health literacy experience an average medical care cost (in excess of premiums and expected co-pays, discount services fees, and simple OTC expenses) of $13,000/year compared to only $3,000 for those with higher, proficient health literacy levels. (AMA Foundation “Health Literacy A Manual for Clinicians”)

Whether you are insured, use discount medical/dental care programs or apply a combination of both, your health status and medical care outcomes will improve when you become Health Literacy proficient. With improved Health Literacy (HL) you will soon experience manifestations of improving health and decreasing medical care expenditures.

We will help you markedly improve your HL with unique learning strategies, as well as by contributing to your awareness and understanding of new health-related and medical care information presented to the market and from much less easily accessible sources.  If diligent and vigorous in your application of our strategies, attentive to supplementary information, you will be healthier, more fit and the majority should experience year-over-year medical care-financial savings. You can become HL-proficient independent of us. Yoru good health matters. Complement it and speed up your health improvements by working with ISG Health as your health and medical care coaches.

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