Health Literacy….About It

As a consumer, you need to understand the potential effects of “choices” on your health. Regarding health, healthy living and medical care, the term most applicable to understanding information pertinent to making wise choices is education, more precisely, health education or Health Literacy (HL).

In 2006 the National Center for Education Statistics published results of a recent health education related study. They reported the Health Literacy of America’s adults using four performance levels: Below Basic, Basic, Intermediate, and Proficient.  Fifty-three percent of adults had Intermediate Health Literacy. About 22 percent had Basic Health Literacy, and 14 percent had Below Basic Health Literacy, with only 12 percent at the Proficient level. Proficient Health Literacy is the ability to clearly understand medical terminology, associated data, medical product and service options, diseases and how they affect you, alternatives to diagnosis and treatment, and side effects of treatments. Additionally, the medical consumer should understand injury and disease prevention related to genetics, environmental risk factors, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Relationships between Health Literacy and personal background (such as level of education, age, race/ethnicity, health information resources, and medical care access) were also examined.  Among other findings, adults with Below Basic or Basic health literacy were less likely than adults with higher health literacy to get information about health issues from written materials, being more likely informed by radio and television sources. While there are biases in all information sources, we know commercial radio, television, and their aims – delivery of sponsored product information intended to produce sales.

Well-educated and experienced, our team can help you make healthy personal choices related to nutrition, other consumables, fitness related activities and medical care options. We will also help you urge your primary care provider to look at medical information differently (as needed) and to aid you in making wiser single event choices, and recurrent decisions about your medical care. The result of your advancing Health Literacy proficiency will be improved overall health, fitness, cost savings, and better use of medical care dollars.

We will help you markedly improve your HL with unique learning strategies, as well as by contributing to your awareness and understanding of new health-related and medical care information presented to the market and from much less easily accessible sources.  If diligent and vigorous in your application of our strategies, as well as attentive to supplementary information, you will be healthier, more fit and should experience year-over-year medical care related savings. Your Health Matters. Become HL-proficient independent of us,  or complement your independent development and speed up your improvement by working with us. ISG Health will serve as your health and medical care Adviser or Coach.