Gender: Our Children Are Not Social Pawns

In London, a judge struck down the right of an estranged spouse to force her 7-year-old boy to live as a girl and undergo hormone treatment as a dysfunctional response to her failed relationship. Moreover, the hormone treatment is banned by British health authorities because it causes irreversible changes and can compromise fertility later in life for anyone under 16 years old.

If an extremely untoward perinatal accident or natural heredity results in a child that loses his male genitals, with development is grossly hermaphroditic, has an extreme case of micro-penis or later presents with other extreme physical or hormonal challenges, very significant life-impacting decisions will need to be made for the child. Personal decisions as adults Adult psychosocial challenge

However, absent these issues, parents and well-funded social organizations with the assistance of legal professionals including legislators with more power than wisdom, should not make children unwitting social pawns. Moreover, in rearing children, adults should focus much more on intellectual growth, skills development, and social integrity rather than supporting discordant, social dysphoria.

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