Fitness Program

    As a noun, the term “fitness program” refers to a strategic set of activities engaged with the aim of producing the state of being physically fit and healthy. Regarding the term fitness, it is often applied with a qualifying label because a specific level of fitness may be required to fulfill a particular role, take part in a function, to do a particular task, or be part of a particular organization.

    You may assess fitness in terms of BMI/SBMI, strength, flexibility, ability to walk, run, swim, and climb for certain time periods, at specific speeds, or as measurable in other quantitative manners. You may be required to run specific distances, or concurrently demonstrate specific skills in settings of sports, work or other activities of daily living requiring certain physical and cardiovascular capabilities. The goal is performing as desired and/or required, without symptoms.

    Healthy, in this equation, is a state of health that is sufficient to allow you to satisfactorily engage your body, to take part as fully in life as you wish, and as your level of fitness allows. Rarely are people in perfect health. But, ISG Health believes the wise attend to their health in all manners possible. That includes participating in regular fitness enhancement activities.  Your good health matters your fitness matters.

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