Medical Services in Discount Health Care Programs

Primary care medicine is generally provided by Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatric Medicine physicians, as well as certified Nurse Practitioners. Few are providing cash-based services in traditional settings. However, physician telemedicine is readily available for clinical assessments, recommendations and to call in prescriptions to network pharmacies as needed; by telephone, 365 days/yr, 24 hours/day.

Telemedicine is the non-insurance, DHCP based medical care delivery tool that is targeted, efficient and cost-effective as delivered in its appropriate niche in the scheme of contemporary healthcare systems.

  • Why miss work, and pay an average of $75+ per visit (at your in-plan clinic)  and  possibly  $200+ at  a local  urgent  care  facility (separate from prescription fees) with convenient telemedicine service available? You need convenient medical care.

  • Ever  wished  you could take  care of your  twice  a year  maintenance visits and prescriptions from the convenience of home or office desk?

  • Ever wish you could see your (in-plan) doctor, but you are out of state vacationing or on business?

  • Ever had some urgent symptoms troubling you, but your primary clinic was closed?

  • Ever wished you could ask your doctor if you should head to the emergency room immediately or could wait it out until the next morning? You need convenient medical care.

Telemedicine aside, there are many more ancillary (other, complementary) services provided in a DHCP medical program. Let us show you now!  ISG Health knows that you need convenient medical care, and your good health matters.