Dental Services

A highest-quality DHCP dental program should include many tens of thousands of network dental providers, the dentists all meeting the state board requirements for the state in which they practice. Although both free-of-charge and not required, it is best to enroll yourself (and family members) as patients with a program dentist as soon as possible. Therefore, when you need an appointment, particularly for a dental emergency, you will already be patients of record. It will speed registration for services by maintaining all relevant data in the system.

Your regular program dentist as your primary or general dentist, and provides a variety of dental services. A dental specialist is a dentist with advanced training who specializes in one or more areas of dentistry including dental surgery. If you need specialty dental care, your program general dentist can send you to see a specialist available in your area where you will likewise receive notably reduced fees for treatment. See how the program works, now!

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