Ancillary Services

Individual Components

bill negotiation (advocacy) – for patients receiving insurance-based medical services with bills in excess of $2,500, this service is often able to negotiate substantially lower payment obligation.

healthcare/surgical service navigator – receive administrative assistance for identifying high-quality medical services of the type in which you are interested.

hearing services (audiology) – discount service network of professionals who perform hearing assessments as well as recommend and fit patients with a broad range of hearing aids.

laboratories – the discounted network for medical lab services such as blood tests and urinalyses for a host of purposes.

occupational therapy – the discounted network of physical therapy services serving the objective of preparing employees for RTW at specific jobs

orthotics & prosthetics – discount durable medical equipment used to assist patients with impaired function (temporary or permanent) of the upper or lower extremities.

pharmacy – the retail discount pharmacy program will save you money on most prescription drugs. Although some contemporary local pharmacies have site-specific, in-house discount programs, the best DCHP includes many tens of thousands of retail locations across the nation, all participating in a coordinated, multifaceted pharmaceutical program. The best network includes most national chains. Features include the discounted brand name and generic prescription drugs, special savings on most high-volume and maintenance-type drugs, prescription drug monitoring, price checks, discounted over-the-counter smoking cessation products and diabetes care supplies (with physician prescriptions) as well as a home delivery program.

physical therapy – discount physical therapy services

physician telemedicine – primary care (family/internal medicine) and pediatrician physicians available to provide clinical assessments, recommendations and call in prescriptions to network pharmacies as needed, all via telephone (24/7/365). Why miss work, pay an average of $75+ (separate from prescriptions) with this type of convenient service available?

radiology services – discount x-rays, CT & MRI scans and related services performance.

wellness screenings – discount services performed in a various settings, generally are composed of a limited history and some elements of non-invasive physical examination & tests (e.g., height, weight, pulse, blood pressure, vision, dipstick urinalysis) with the objective of determining the presence or absence of need for change in health behaviors and additional clinical follow up.

vision care – discount vision care includes optometrists (O.D.) and ophthalmologists (M.D. or D.O.) with a plethora of private practices as well as most national chains, including LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears and JC Penney. The program may save up to nearly sixty percent on fees for general purpose optometry and ophthalmology eye exams, as well as on contact lenses, eyeglasses, frames, tints, scratch resistant coatings, and UV protection. Lasik surgery with certain providers in selected markets, performed by board-certified Ophthalmologists is also available as a vision correction.

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