Health Care vs Medicine

We like to consider ourselves as a whole, not just an amalgamation of body parts. As such, health care is markedly preventive. But, it is demonstrably affected by your Health Literacy, personal beliefs, resources, and choices, including diet, exercise and use/consumption of all manner of substances.

Unfortunately, although nobody would suggest that anyone act in a self-abasing manner, many marketers, and free-spirited social-lobbyists wrongly promote pursuit of “momentary pleasures, thrills, pleasures and recurrent denial” over taking an earnest look at the many immediate or long-term adverse health affects  of unwise personal choices; affects on yourself and/or others around you, and even future generations.

Generally, you should think in a holistic manner. But, that which is good for the whole body may not now always serve the acute needs of challenges with specific anatomy. For those issues, you may require more aggressive intervention, medical care. Medical care is largely a professional, reactive service, directed at addressing that deemed to be inequities, challenges, or problems, with the objective of addressing specific issues as best the accessible knowledge, skills, technology, concordant beliefs and resources allow.

Medical practice and intervention may help more than one anatomical region. But, they may also have deleterious effects, working effectively on one objective at the expense of other elements of the body; referred to as complications, adverse or side effects. Such is often the case with the use of common prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as the application of radiation therapy, chemotherapy and with surgical procedures. Diagnosis and treatment are analogous to a Return on Investment process. 

Given the practice and art of traditional western medicine, in the distribution systems available to you, the delivery of “the most effective medical care while doing no harm” regularly plays second fiddle to the reality of “offering what the practitioner is capable of delivering while doing as little collateral damage as is possible” within the framework of your system, your personal budget, as well as current local and national support.

Take care of yourself as best as you are able. Your health matters.