Integrative Medicine

    Integrative medicine is a mix of health care and medical care. It is both preventive and reactive. It is an approach to care that attempts to place the patient most central to decision-processes. It addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health. The principles of integrative health care include a partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process, proper use of conventional and alternative methods to help the body’s own healing mechanisms, consideration of all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease, including mind, spirit, community relations, as well as personal beliefs. There is a greater recognition of new paradigms, use of natural, effective, less-invasive interventions when possible, use of the broader concepts of promotion of health and preventing illness as well as treating disease. The education and training of these practitioners reflect broader models of health and healing and a commitment to exploring all elements of well-being.

    Integrative health care, bridges healthcare with traditional medicine and other treatments to care for your mind, body, and spirit. ISG Health suggests that you explore Integrative Medicine because your health matters.

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