Diet as Natural Medicine

    Did you know that about eighty percent of prevalent (ongoing, that people live with daily) disease and pain treated by primary, western physicians is due to patients’ food and beverage consumption habits?Issues may manifest as personal allergies, addictions, and progressive development, maintenance and aggravation of specific maladies or diseases. In integrative health care, many types of medical professionals (M.D., D.O., Homeopath, Naturopath, TCM specialist, Ayurvedic, Nutritionist, spiritual healer and others) each offer unique contributions to well-being, health assessment, and treatment. However, narrow breadths of training, conflicting underlying theory/dogma, standards of care, and lesser supportive peer/insurer attitudes toward specific practices can limit the application of diet as a natural medicine in healthcare and medical practices.

    The current focus is on using healthy foods, beverages, supplements, and other materials that are as close to natural as is possible, for your health care plan. Sometimes, specific combinations, the timing of intake/application, and complementary exercise are substantially important for your success. The goal is eating your way to health. Otherwise, as a natural medicine, engage a quality diet, including healthy beverages for your health maintenance and as alternative medical intervention – ISG Health believes your good health matters.