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This site will attempt to be balanced. News will always reflect the bias of the author. Studies and outcomes will reflect the objectives of the organizations supporting the work. Supporters want very much for marijuana and derivatives to be a readily available, with high-quality research to follow. Opponents often have alternative biases and interests. Others will report information in a tone that seems rather neutral, and maybe not particularly valuable, as they attempt to not offend any of their customers while attempting to at least appear current.

General Cannabis News.

Medical Cannabis News.

  • Medical Research – ask medical professionals about the quality of studies you use as references. All parties, supporters and those against medical marijuana presently tend to look for publications that support their preferred biases.
  • Alternative Applications – While skeptical of medicinal benefits, more formal research pending, some are recognizing the benefit of shifting populations from very deadly substances of abuse to cannabis.
  • Cancer Treatment – Did the consumer turn to the M.D. for complete information on the potential role of cannabis in treatment?
  • Pediatric Epilepsy and cannabis (UK) – treatment allowed by the government.
  • Parkinson’s Disorder – cannabis administration was associated with reductions in pain, stiffness, and tremor as well as with improvements in mood and sleep quality.
  • Sleep Apnea – oral products can reduce severity and increase sleepiness
  • Opiate Alternative – medical cannabis has helped some to self-select away from opiates.
  • Wrongly labeled Drug – cannabis was incorrectly-labeled a Schedule I Drug. The government has dragged its feet on relabeling, thereby limiting medical research.
  • Product Marketing – Marketers generally try to appear responsible. But, it is difficult to hide adult product use if smoked or vaporized.
  • Developing Brain – There is little research on fetal development in the presence of maternal marijuana use during pregnancy. As such, minimization and caution are advised.
  • Cancer care – many patients are trying marijuana for a variety of reasons in states where medical and recreational use are legal. Discuss its use with your physician.
  • Health Literacy – The majority of Americans are not health literate, much less regarding the nuances of medicine and law related to marijuana use.
  • Fake Marijuanathe dangers.
  • Case Studies – case studies are formal data collection regarding experiences of single cases. As more people get safe access to marijuana, more reports of good and adverse outcomes will be published. This case – voluntary excessive use.
  • Nausea Control in HIV
  • Diminished Sexual Function and Marijuana Use


Be informed, stay healthy.

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