Faith Healing

    Many spiritual groups (e.g., Christians) have long histories of documenting both healthier lifestyles (diet, exercise) and evidence of complete healing and restoration without application of medicinal or surgical intervention.

    The following is a very brief, applicable anecdote. A day-trip hiker got lost as he engaged in some wilderness trekking. He veered eastward and crossed into a very hot, arid part of the regional geography. Failing to have brought a compass, any GPS or communications devices with him, he, fortunately, followed the setting sun back toward a more temperate area. Upon reaching an isolated cabin he urgently requested some water. In response, the gracious host obtained a generous serving, placing it in a large cup on the table for his guest. With the water setting on the immediately adjacent table, the guest continued chatting aimlessly until he fainted, overheated and dehydrated. Not until the host raised his guest’s head from the floor,  patiently, painstakingly pouring water slowly across and between the guest’s parched lips did the hiker revive.  The hiker requested a gift of water and received it.  Setting upon the table just inches from him, it was simply up to him to drink it.

    Divine intervention comes to some people (e.g., Lazarus) as miraculously as life-sustaining water poured into you. For others, it follows deliberate petition. It is there awaiting petition. (3 John 1-4, Matt 6: 16-17, John 14: 12-14) But, like most of CAM, all will not support or revel in divine/faith-healing. (John 14: 28-34) It is only for the BelieverISG Health believes your good health matters.