Are Discount Health Care Programs Aptly Named?

The term Discount Health Care Programs (DHCP), a misnomer, although it is standard industry terminology. Let us fragment the term. Tease out the term components “Health Care”. Presuming the ideal, the aim of health care is perfect health. We can, without doubt, state that there is no American business model for delivering “perfect health”. There are preventive medicine sub-specialties, and there are preventive services and recommendations offered by practitioners of many medical specialties. However, no American Medical Association acknowledged medical specialty could claim to be the “perfect health” specialty, that is the terminal goal of all their work is to develop patient panels in perfect health.

In a society in which “perfect health” is not a priority, consumers wish to at least get the most return on their investments in necessary medical services.  They also prefer to pay the least possible for high-quality services they need. American consumers also like discounted fees when possible.

The Discount Health Care Programs (DHCP) World

The focus is not really health care, rather, to offer medical products and services (i.e., medical care). Health care is that of promoting and supporting eating right, exercising regularly, getting good sleep, not drinking or using substances not good for your body, working to keep your mind/spirit sound, and so on – caring for your health.

Medical care primarily focuses on intervention applied to address health challenges, disease, and injury. The misnomer aside, DHCP offer cash-basis, discounted (often significantly), high-quality medical and dental services, at your convenience. This is distinct from participation in more expensive insurance-based medical care programs. DHCP memberships and services are available to individuals, families, and as groups (as an alternative employer benefit), to complement or as an alternative to medical insurance.

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