Discount Health Care Programs

Discount Health Care Programs (DHCP) have substantial roles in the health industry. Follow any information links here and you will learn significantly more.

Business Opportunities: Many people want financial independence with their own businesses. Working in the DHCP industry as a Business Consultant (BC) is similar to working as an insurance agent. It is similar to developing an independent insurance business at a mere fraction of the cost and working at home (or wherever is convenient or desirable for you) with home-based business tax credits if at home.


Insurance (of any type), generally provides a defined set of products and services. The agent who sells a policy receives a payment (commission) as a percentage of the monthly premium (fee) paid by the insured, as long as the insured continues to maintain the policy. The monthly percentage paid to the agent is referred to as a monthly residual. The greater the number of active insured clients renewing year over year, the greater the number of residual payments the agent receives monthly. A medical insurance sales agent is comparably paid. Generally, medical insurance sales agent builds required skills and acquires personal licenses to transition to leading his/her own business.

Discount Health Care Programs (fee-for-service medical, dental, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine, and ancillary services) are the non-insurance based delivery of health care products and services, packaged together and referred to as benefits. Benefits Consultants (BCs) who sell benefits memberships coordinated by a Discount Health Care Programs provider and receives monthly payments (residuals) as a percentage of the monthly fees paid by each customer-members, as long as the members continue to maintain their memberships. A Discount Health Care Programs BC is thereby paid comparably to a solo agent with the DHCP industry products being service memberships. Additional bonuses and financial rewards are available to those BCs with high sales volumes.

With as much team coaching as desired, all BCs manage their own businesses. Thereby, the Business Consultant’s roles can be multiple, including marketing, sales, and management depending on how independent or integrated with us (ISG Health) you choose to be. Foremost, a BC will be very well rewarded by smart, vigorous, diligent, persistent effort, particularly in association with the right business team, like our team. Join our team – Now!